How I Became a Cannibal

It was liberating and at the same time devastating because the truth I learned made me a pariah in today’s Christian Church.

Cannibals are In Love

There is no “them” to oppose, to fight, to neglect, to reject, to subdue, or to annihilate. That in all situations we should celebrate, enlighten, establish, uplift, promote, and assist.

Blessed Are the Poor

Sell everything you have and give the money to the destitute, and you will have treasure in heaven.

Homo-Hypocrisy – Liars and Cheaters

We have lying, cheating politicians; lying, cheating business men and women; lying, cheating clergy; lying, cheating athletes… and none of them are barred from getting married.

You Won’t See It Coming

There’s a whole world of sights and sounds and things we can’t see, hear, or otherwise perceive but nevertheless exist.

Bacon-wrapped Shrimp?

A better comparison would be a law that punishes a Jewish grocer that refuses to sell gefilte fish to non-Jews

The Lezzies are Alright

But notice… nothing about women with women. Probably because when these laws were written, women weren’t really “people”

Homo-Hypocrisy – Other Gods

Heard of any Bible-thumping, God-affirming, righteousness-restoring movements to prevent these abominable behaving worshipers of other gods from getting married?