The Lezzies are Alright

Ok, ladies… you’re good.

No, seriously… lesbians - female homosexuals - are A-Ok with God. Well, for sure they’re notnot A-Ok” with God. Now, you wouldn’t know it from listening to Bible-believing, fundamentalist Christians; but that’s the truth.

Because the Bible, which, according to Bible-believing fundamentalist, is the source of and final arbiter of the “rights and wrongs” of humanity, says absolutely nothing about homosexual behavior between women.

Here it is:

Lev 18:22 You are not to have sexual relations with a male as you would with a woman. It's detestable.

Lev 20:13 If a man has sexual relations with another male, as he would with a woman, both have committed a repulsive act. They are certainly to be put to death.

That’s kinda rough. I mean, male homosexual activity gets called “detestable” (an “abomination” in the King James Version) and is punishable by death.

But notice… nothing about women with women. Probably because when these laws were written, women weren’t really “people”; they were simply sexual receptacles, homemakers, and baby factories. Nothing else about them mattered much. Whatever the reason, though, the result is that there is no condemnation in the Bible regarding lesbians.

Wait, wait!! What about Paul?

Well… when you get right down to it, what about Paul? Really? Is “Paul” really the best Bible-believing fundamentalist Christians can come up with? My first response is that these believers should take a step back and do a quick re-assessment of their faith. But, before we go there, let’s look at exactly what Paul said.

Rom 1:26-27 For this reason, God delivered them to degrading passions as their females exchanged their natural sexual function for one that is unnatural. In the same way, their males also abandoned their natural sexual function toward females and burned with lust toward one another. Males committed indecent acts with males, and received within themselves the appropriate penalty for their perversion. (emphasis mine)

While Paul explicitly describes “male-on-male” sexual activity, he doesn’t specify “female-on-female” sexual activity. All he mentions is that “natural” female sexual function has been replaced by “unnatural”.

Could he be talking about homosexual relationships between women? Sure. But you wonder why he left it so vague and ambiguous for women when he was so specific about homosexual behavior for men.

There could easily be other “unnatural” sexual behavior he was talking about. Maybe he was referring to sodomy, or oral sex, or sex with multiple partners, or sexual promiscuity, or masturbation, or… well… you get the idea. Any number of sexual behaviors would rate 10s on the “unnatural” scale for Paul and his contemporaries and, owing to Paul’s lack of specificity, it’s likely that he intended to embrace (and condemn) them all.

But, more importantly, the Law - the ancient text that tells believers what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s “good” and “bad”, what’s an “abomination” and what’s not - that Law comes from God. Paul himself preached that God was the sole author of “The Law”. So if, as we’ve already seen, “God” doesn’t condemn female homosexuality in His “Law”, what the heck difference would it make if Paul does?

So, lesbians… don’t take any more crap from any Bible-thumping, non-Bible-reading haters. You’re good to go.

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