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as it is in Heaven

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We’re so glad that you’ve made it here! If this is your first time visiting the site, you probably want to know more about Christian Cannibals... what we're all about and what we believe.

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What's With That NAME?!

When you see the name, "Christian Cannibal", are you... surprised? confused? offended? intrigued? Hopefully, there's a bit of all of that.

The whatfor behind "Christian Cannibal" is pretty simple: Jesus said that's what we need to be in order to "have life".  Now, if you're a little turned off by that - you're not alone. Many of Jesus' disciples were confused and offended by this bizarre commandment. Most of them lost faith and left him.  "Will ye also go away?" (John 6:67)

Learn Why Jesus Wants Cannibals


I live my life knowing:

  • that God is the All in All, the creator of all that is in the heavens and the earth.
  • that Jesus was sent to preach, teach, and usher in the Kingdom of God; the Kingdom where God reigns supreme and God’s will is accomplished on Earth just as it is in Heaven.
  • that there is nothing more profitable than my seeking out the Kingdom of God and the righteousness thereof.

  • that finding the Kingdom of God and entering into it requires me to be reborn with a new spirit - the spirit of God's love and mercy - and be open and full of anticipation, wonderment, and awe... like a little child.
  • that living in the Kingdom of God means that I:
    • love God with all my heart, soul, and mind
    • love my neighbor as myself
    • salt the Earth with the love of God
    • light the world with God’s mercy and kindness

    now and forevermore.


Cannibal Meals Ready to Eat )

What If They'd Eaten Him?
Published 5/12/2019 in Meals for Christian Cannibals
When Jesus said, "Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life", what if his followers actually took those words literally... and ate him?read more ❯
What's in a Name?
Published 5/8/2019 in Meals for Christian Cannibals
Why is it “great” if people are disgusted by the “Cannibal” name? Because it means I’m getting the same reaction Jesus gets when he tells his disciples they need to be cannibals if they want to live more ❯
How I Became a Cannibal
Published 2/10/2019 in Meals for Christian Cannibals
It was liberating and at the same time devastating because the truth I learned made me a pariah in today’s Christian more ❯
Cannibals are In Love
Published 2/8/2019 in Meals for Christian Cannibals
There is no “them” to oppose, to fight, to neglect, to reject, to subdue, or to annihilate. That in all situations we should celebrate, enlighten, establish, uplift, promote, and more ❯
Fancy Churches Just Don't Cut It
Published 2/8/2019 in Meals for Christian Cannibals
The Lord says, Heaven is my throne, and the earth is where I rest my feet. So do you think you can build a house for me?read more ❯
Homo-Hypocrisy - Liars and Cheaters
Published 2/7/2019 in Meals for Christian Cannibals
Author The Cannibal
We have lying, cheating politicians; lying, cheating business men and women; lying, cheating clergy; lying, cheating athletes… and none of them are barred from getting more ❯
Bacon-wrapped Shrimp?
Published 2/6/2019 in Meals for Christian Cannibals
Author The Cannibal
A better comparison would be a law that punishes a Jewish grocer that refuses to sell gefilte fish to non-Jewsread more ❯
The Lezzies are Alright
Published 2/6/2019 in Meals for Christian Cannibals
Author The Cannibal
But notice… nothing about women with women. Probably because when these laws were written, women weren’t really “people”read more ❯
Homo-Hypocrisy - Other Gods
Published 2/5/2019 in Meals for Christian Cannibals
Author The Cannibal
Heard of any Bible-thumping, God-affirming, righteousness-restoring movements to prevent these abominable behaving worshipers of other gods from getting married?read more ❯
Homo-Hypocrisy - How (Not) to Live
Published 2/5/2019 in Meals for Christian Cannibals
Author The Cannibal
Just know that most of the people who despise homosexuality don’t seem to have any trouble with women wearing pants, t-shirts, suits, and what have youread more ❯