Homo-Hypocrisy – Liars and Cheaters

We have lying, cheating politicians; lying, cheating business men and women; lying, cheating clergy; lying, cheating athletes… and none of them are barred from getting married.

Homo-Hypocrisy – Other Gods

Heard of any Bible-thumping, God-affirming, righteousness-restoring movements to prevent these abominable behaving worshipers of other gods from getting married?

Homo-Hypocrisy – Death to Adulterers

Today, no one thinks it’s a good idea to condemn an adulterous couple to death. We don’t even frown upon adulterous behavior – in fact, we seem to celebrate it.

Homo-Hypocrisy – An Abomination

The law also solidified societal and sexual norms for the Hebrew community. For Israelites, sexual intercourse was only acceptable when it was between a man and a woman


I think that for most of these Bible-believing, conservative Christians, it’s ignorance. They’ve been taught that homosexuality is bad.